Down the same road

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Internet
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There we go again. Google+ nymwars.

The changes in the Google+ identity policy are not exactly changing anything in practice. Technogran was receiving yesterday the same canned email as several months ago, having her name rejected, despite being a well-known internet identity, and not exactly as aesthetically unpleasing to a WASP crowd as “captaincrunch42” either. (not that the latter would be a problem to me).

Same goes for Culture Monroe, receiving notice that her name is a “fake” to Google. As long as Google claims to know what your name must look like, otherwise they declare it a “fake”, the process will always come across as offending and with 1984-style requirements of “your ID card”…
By the way, this is both her wallet name and writer name.

Lets get something straight here.
People invest time and work in building their identity, it is essential to them, to build a reputation under a name, and this means something. Whether it is their given name or nom de plume, in many contexts and endeavours. Assuming the role of “I know best who you can be, depends on your number of followers and my assessment of WASPy sensibilities to your kinda ugly-looking name” is not only doomed to fail, but unfortunately for you, Google, it is *insulting* to people, the same people who you earn the trust of, or they take it back from you.
Or I should rather say. I hope they do take it back. Yes, you read that right.

Google. This is how it works. I’ll quote again the simple and brilliant note Angyl Bender made a few days ago.
If I know who you are, your handle doesn’t matter.
If I don’t know who you are, your handle doesn’t matter.


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